About the FMA

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The Foxboro Music Association (FMA) is a volunteer based, non-profit organization dedicated to the support and enrichment of students enrolled in the Foxboro Music Program.

Our activities are funded by an annual sponsorship drive and various fundraisers throughout the year.   Through our fundraising efforts, FMA is proud to sponsor artists-in-residence programs  as well as funding commissioned works for our various performance groups.  In addition, we have had the privilege of inviting guest artists for master classes and workshops giving our students the opportunity to work and perform with world class musicians. The generosity of our donors also allows the FMA to offer students the opportunity to audition for scholarships each year, which are awarded at the annual Pops concert in May.   Scholarships can be used for private lessons and various music summer camps, also supported by the FMA.

In addition to our enrichment activities, the FMA plans activities to build a strong community for students.  These activities include the annual cookout for the high school and 8th grade band, chorus, and orchestra, receptions for the guest artists, and a student recital.  FMA provides scores of volunteers for the MICCA (Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors Association) festival held at Foxborough High School every spring, as well as supporting local concert with concessions, programs and ushers.  Each June, volunteers host a pot luck supper for the high school band, chorus, orchestra students, their parents, and the music faculty.

We invite parents from all age groups to join us at our monthly meetings, volunteer for one of our committees, or participate in our sponsorship drive.   More information on these opportunities and events can be found on this website.

2017-2018 FMA officers and chairpersons

President – Dale Andersen (huddlehous@comcast.net)
Vice President – Sheila Peterson (sheilapeterson@comcast.net)
Secretary – Jennifer Hoyt (djjchoyt@comcast.net)
Treasurer – Meaghan Scollins (meaghan.scollins@gmail.com)



Apparel Sales – Adrienne Jacobson (ajacobson@winbrook.com), Tricia Conlon (tconolon55@gmail.com), Christine St. Pierre (christine_stpierre@yahoo.com)
Bottle and Can Drive –  Shannon SanBento (ssanbento@gmail.com) & Anne Miller Sweeney
Concessions – Michelle Gardner (mgardner@us.ibm.com) & Dorothy Relyea (Deerelyea@comcast.net
Door/Ticket Sales Coordinator – Michelle Gardner (mgardner@us.ibm.com)
Finish at the Fifty Road Race – Jennifer Hoyt (djjchoyt@comcast.net)
Grant – Nancy Morrison (paulnancym@comcast.net)
MICCA Lunch and Concessions– Amy Spognardi (amyspg@gmail.com) & Liz Hall (eahall17@comcast.net)
Pop Sockets/Phone Wallet – Tracey Vasile (TMetivier@verisk.com) & Adrienne Jacobson (ajacobson@winbrook.com)
Sponsorship – Katherine Udden (katherine.udden@yahoo.com) & Michelle Walsh (mwalsh910@live.com)


FMA Cookout – Carl Andersen (c_andersen@comcast.net) & John Peterson (johnpeterson1@comcast.net)
Jazz Event Hospitality – Liz Hall (eahall17@comcast.net) & Michelle Gawronski
Marching Band Water – Sheila Peterson (sheilapeterson@comcast.net) & Susan Aubachon
MICCA Event Logistics – Dale Andersen (huddlehous@comcast.net)
Pot Luck Coordinator – Erin Earnst and Liz Hall  (eahall17@comcast.net)


Public Relations, Print Media– Sheila Peterson (sheilapeterson@comcast.net) & Helene Savage
Public Relations, Facebook/Twitter –  Tracey Vasile (TMetivier@verisk.com) & Stacey Vega staceyvicky9@yahoo.com)
Public Relations Ensemble Photos – Brian Doherty (brian.doherty@fmr.com )
Public Relations: FMA Concert Announcements – Nancy Morrison (paulnancym@comcast.net)
Website – Karen Connolly (pantz@comcast.net)


Scholarships – Lauren Amico (ljamico4@gmail.com) & Michelle Kenney (kenneyfamily35@gmail.com )
Senior Buttons – Brian Doherty (brian.doherty@fmr.com )
Senior Parent Photos – Tracey Vasile (TMetivier@verisk.com ) & Sheila Peterson (sheilapeterson@comcast.net)
Senior Scholarships – Meaghan Scollins (meaghan.scollins@gmail.com) & Andrea Scarborough

Student Representatives to the FMA:
Band – Brady, Jaci
Chorus – Julia
Orchestra – Yasa, Maggie